The LexiCon 2014- A Novel Concept

The LexiCon Writers Conference - Tentatively July 17-19, 2015

Hollywood Agent Provocateur and Mitch Haynes Present  

"Just when I thought I was out, they pulled me back in." Al Pacino, Godfather 3

It was my intention to end LexiCon after the 2014 conference, but you begged and pleaded...and it is back.

The tentative date for LexiCon 2015 is July 17-19. The venue has not be chosen yet.

LexiCon is different than most conferences. It has two rules. 1.) Leave your ego at the door. And 2.) Don't talk incessantly about your book(s) or your writing. Ask others about their writing instead. By following these two rules you build a sales team of other writers. It must work - check out the testimonials page.

The conference is open to everyone, whether they are writing their first book, have published multiple books, or they just like to read. However, due to the limited number of seats available, previous conference attendees will have first choice of attending. Others will be allowed to attend the conference by invitation only. The invitation has to be proffered by either a person who has attended one of the previous conferences, by one of the sponsors, or by one of the conference administrators. You may contact us on the Sign Up page and be placed on a standby list. If room is available by the first of July then you will be contacted. Only those who pay immediately will be placed on the admission list. So sign up ASAP.

LEXICON EXPLAINED: LexiCon is about Entreprenurial Publishing - where the author takes the initiative and controls the quality and quantity of the product. The author is responsible for the editing, cover design, marketing and promotion. As a consequence, the author reaps a greater financial reward than the 12-15% royalty received from traditional publishers. LexiCon networks with some of the best book producers, cover design artists, editors, and printers to help bring the project to fruition. It is a massive step above Self Publishing or Indie Publishing and will hopefully compete directly with Traditional Publishing. 






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